Why Us

We’ll take care of all your interior concrete design needs

There’s no limit to what you can do using concrete to improve your home’s appearance. In the right hands, interior concrete design can create a variety of unique, attractive and long-lasting finishes from elaborate-looking concrete furniture to simple polished concrete floors. Whichever option you find yourself learning towards, make sure you work with Visual Designs & Concrete Polishing for a pain-free process from start to finish and excellent result. If you’re in need of advice on all things concrete and you reside in the Southwest, we’re happy to assist you from our central Bunbury location, using HTC grinders and a range of the leading chemicals and tooling on the market individually selected to suit each floors needs.

Let us manage all your concrete related needs

With years of experience in using concrete for practical and decorative purposes, the Visual Designs & Concrete Polishing team of specialist concreters and carpenters are skilled in interior and exterior concrete supply, installation and polishing. We design and install polished concrete floors and benchtops for both interior and exterior, as well as decorative and concrete overlays for driveways, pathways and outdoor entertainment areas of all sizes.

A complete concrete flooring solution

If you’re renovating your home or stripping out and updating your office or shop space, we can step in and transform your current flooring into one that’s more environmentally friendly, low maintenance, attractive and guaranteed to last. We’ll start with timber board/vinyl/tile removal followed by floor preparation and finish with creating your polished concrete floor, using only HTC grinders and polishing equipment leaving a finish that requires no chemical cleaning. Looking to do something with your garage or shed both water based or solid garage epoxy coatings are available for high traffic areas to ward off stains, wear and tear. We’ll end off with finishing touches such as skirting and quads before we consider the job done.

Pick your perfect finish

Not sure which concrete finish to choose? Grind and sealed concrete is more affordable than polished concrete but has a shorter lifespan. Mechanical polishing is dust-proofed using a chemical hardening agent and then stain proofed before a final buffing for maximum protection and shine. Finally, honed and sealed concrete is treated to prevent slipping and making cleaning easier, and can be applied to new and existing rough concrete surfaces.

Sealing Concrete

Sealing Concrete is the final step in most decorative concrete floors. Even though it is a comparatively small step in the process, the sealer can make or break the whole project. Choosing the right sealer and applying it correctly is critical to providing you with concrete that looks and performs great right from the start and stays that way for many years to come.

There are several ways that a sealer may vary your concrete.

  1. Stain Resistance – Concrete is a porous material. Even highly densified and polished floors will soak up spills. Once spills soak into the pores of the concrete they can be very hard to remove. Therefore, the most critical function of the sealer is to repel stains. A well-sealed floor is much easier to keep clean and healthy.
  2. Appearance – Sealers can be used to alter the appearance of the concrete. They can be used to add gloss, enhance colour or to highlight natural contrasts. Completely natural finish sealers are also available. This will provide stain protection but leave the concrete with an “unsealed” look.
  3. Durability – There are many concrete sealers which can enhance the durability of the concrete surface. They can provide an artificial, hard wearing layer on the surface of the concrete to protect against mechanical damage to the concrete itself. They can also protect the concrete from chemical attack which may otherwise etch or erode the concrete. If fact they can provide protection against a whole range of issues that may reduce the service life of your concrete. Some examples include efflorescence, salt damage, microbiological growth and carbonation.
  4. Functionality – This varies depending on where your concrete is and how it will be used. For example, a driveway needs a more hard-wearing finish than an internal floor. A pool surround needs a non-slip finish, and a sealer that can handle the salt, chemicals and water.

As you can see, sealing concrete properly is not as simple as it may seem. Getting the best sealing solution for each application can be challenging. To get it right you need a very good understanding of concrete and various finishing techniques. Plus, you need to have a broad knowledge of different sealer types and their benefits and limitations.

To get the best of both worlds, we’ve put our heads together with the team at WA Sealers.  Together we’ve made careful sealer selections to ensure long lasting, stain resistant seals in a range of finishes. Further, we have refined the application processes of these sealers to ensure we consistently get the best possible finish and performance. As a result, we can now deliver the best possible sealing option for each and every one of our projects.