The Visual Designs team consists of both concreters and carpenters. This allows us the ability to provide quality service and makes us the perfect choice for all your decorative concrete and polished concrete needs.

From shop fit outs to new builds and renovations. Visual Designs can take care of all your needs from tile removal, timber board removal, concrete patching, vinyl removal and floor preparation. We also have an extensive range of sophisticated looking finishes from polished concrete, burnished concrete, metallic epoxy and flake flooring to mention a few.

We have you covered from start to finish including all the finishing off touches such as skirting and quads. We also supply and install decrotive exterior surfaces from honed concrete, concrete sealing, driveway resurfacing and garage epoxy coatings in Bunbury.


Although polished concrete and epoxy flooring has now become one of the preferred and leading flooring choices on the market for both builders and individuals, there is still some confusion as to the processes involved in different finishes.

Grind and seal concrete is a cheaper alternative to mechanical. It is produced by the process of grinding the slab with metal bond diamonds, to the desired exposure level of raw industrial, salt and pepper, random and full,  before applying a sealer to give the required gloss level – matt, semi and full. While this provides a similar look to mechanical polished concrete it has a significantly shorter lifespan and will show wear and tear in different areas over time as foot traffic passes through.

Mechanical polished concrete involves the process of grinding the slab with metal bond diamonds to the desired exposure level of raw industrial, salt and pepper, random and full, before a chemical hardener is applied to dust proof and increase the surface hardness for polishing.

The process of polishing then begins by completing several Resin bond diamond passes and further hardening applications, in order to refine the surface to the desired gloss level. From there a penetrating stain protection system is applied before a final buff is completed over the surface. This provides a surface that is extremely hard and will show minimal wear due to there being no topical sealers.

With so many different epoxy and concrete overlays on the market, it can be a very daunting task to chose what’s right for your floor. We supply and install a range of both water based and 100% solids epoxy coatings, along with cementitious overlays from a range of different suppliers, to ensure we have the best product for the correct job.